Illustrations or Line Art are often used by animators, architects, engineers etc. It is monochromatic, typically black ink on white paper. High contrast, and detail are essential. It makes great and refreshing art.

I can produce A3 size illustrated line art portraits of you, your friends, family and pets from a good digital or scanned photograph for £29.99 or they can be printed on canvas for £85.

Kerry and Hallie Line Art illustration

Kerry and Hallie Line Art illustration

Line art emphasizes form and outline, over color, shading, and texture. However, areas of solid pigment and dots can also be used in addition to lines. The lines in a piece of line art may be all of a constant width (as in some pencil drawings), of several (few) constant widths (as intechnical illustrations), or of freely varying widths (as in brush work or engraving).

Line art may tend towards realism (as in much of Gustave Doré‘s work), or it may be a caricaturecartoonideograph, or glyph.

Before the development of photography and of halftones, line art was the standard format for illustrations to be used in print publications, using black ink on white paper. Using either stippling or hatching, shades of gray could also be simulated.

One of the most fundamental elements of art is line. An important feature of line is that it indicates the edge of a two-dimensional (flat) shape or a three-dimensional form. A shape can be indicated by means of an outline and a three-dimensional form can be indicated by contour lines.

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