Brighten your home and life with these fresh and exciting gifts…..

Welcome to Harveys……

Personalised christening, wedding, birthday gifts include lovely cushions, personalised coat of arms, memory quilts, in fact anything you can imagine and print or make… from our online range or send a message using the form at the bottom of the page.

Wedding Banksy

Your special occasion, family, friends and pets captured in Banksy style. Canvas from £85, A3 prints from £29.99

Hare in poppies

Hare in poppies. Acrylic on heavyweight paper. A3 prints available for £14.99 inc p&p

Kerry and Hallie Line Art illustration

Line Art illustration, hand drawn. A3 size on heavyweight paper from £29.99, on canvas from £85.

Popart Warhol

Popart Warhol…..your portrait or your pets portrait could be done in a popart Warhol style. Canvas from £75 and A3 print (as in the illustration) from £29.99

Sculpted book note keeper. Keep your notes and reminders in the leaves of this sculpted book. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence. £24.99. Due to the delicate nature of this sculpture it can only be collected from Harveys.

Southwell Minster Folk Art Cushion

Southwell Minster Folk Art Cushion. Hand painted on soft calico. 36x25cm. £12.99 inc p&p

George outside the Old Volunteer in Caythorpe

George, the Travelling Man, outside the Old Volunteer in Caythorpe. A3 prints available for £14.99 inc p&p

Abstract Poppies3

Abstract Poppies3. Acrylic ink on heavyweight paper A3 size. SOLD. Prints are available for £14.99 inc p&p

I love thee, I love thee

“I love thee, I love thee, Tis all that I can say, It is my vision in the night, my dreaming in the day” Thomas Hood…..pretty pink and white floral fabric, hand painting and finished with a satin ribbon and button. £4.99 inc p&p

Ilustration of Hallie

Hand drawn line art illustration. A3 size from £29.99. Canvas from £85.

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